Select your Printer Firmware

    Frequently Asked Questions

    • What does this firmware do?
      • Corrects issues waking up from power saver mode
      • Restricts use of unauthorized cartridges
      • Corrects issues with print quality after long periods of non-use
      • Prevents false "printhead error" messages
    • Can I uninstall the firmware?

      The firmware is stored in your printer, and can only be overwritten with a newer version. There is no way to remove the firmware or revert to an older version.

    • Which version letter is correct?

      Choose the first download in the list. If it is the wrong firmware level, an error message will tell you which firmware level is correct.

    • My printer model is not listed.

      Choose the download for the closest model number ending in "5". If it is the wrong version, an error message will tell you which is the correct version.

    • What's my printer IP address?

      You should not need to enter an IP address to complete this update. When you see the screen with buttons Retry, Add printer by IP address, and Continue, click on the printer name in the list, and then click Continue.

    • How do I stop the message?

      Installing the update will stop the message. Already up to date? You can suppress the message by deleting this file: %ALLUSERSPROFILE%\Lexmark nnn Series\Job Status\FirmwareAlert.xsl"